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28 July 2008

Big Yellow Taxi...

..Is unfortunately the song I had stuck in my head whilst training today. Kinda lame but sometimes there is not much you can do about it! I'm guessing it won't last very long after the bro sent me the new Cog record in the mail today. I heart Cog. That sure was a nice thing to come home to today, so thanks Roy. So I've landed back safe and sound from last weeks Wisconsin adventure. In the wash up my best day of Superweek came on the day where my legs were feeling the worst. Scraped in for an 18th place at Whitnall Park. Plans to improve again on that for the last few days weren't as easy as hoped. With a break of 5 lapping the field in Racine things didn't work out so well there.

We had some awesome host housing for the week. Daryl and Christine thanks for putting up a rowdy bunch of bike riders for a week. Needless to say I smahsed "Even Flow" on Guitar Hero.

Just how far back is the numbers on the start line?

My final race of the series was Downer's Ave, downtown Milwaukee. A maximum capacity field of 200 showed up and on a less than one mile circuit it was a recipe for some fun and games. Patience was the name of my game, but when primes are handed out left, right and centre it was a matter of hanging on too. Speaking of primes I have to mention the "Super-Prime" that went off with 13 laps to go....$7000 was up for grabs and fell into the hands of Rock Racing, which would equate to around the cost of 7 pairs of their jeans I hear. As for me I was looking for another top 20 finish when on the final time down the back straight a crash occurred three or four wheels in front. Squeezed into the gutter and wary of a still airborne bicycle my finish line chances were dashed there and then. That's bike racing sometimes. The final thing I want to mention about Downers was just how cool the crowd was. Every house featured a party on the front lawn, and no sooner had I crossed the line a cup of beer was thrust into my hands....nice.

No denying it, Rock always make thier prescence felt...rumoured Pro-Conti next year?

This is a really cool pic Kat took during the race and the same straight that somehow cause the last lap pileup.

It was nice to fly back to Denver for the first time this season, rather than face another 16hr haul. Things were even better when in a daze from my accent the check in lady forgot to charge the excess for my bike and also a second bag.

On a final note the Tour was rad this year. I loved watching every stage. Highlight for me was Gerrans win, an absolute cracker of a stage. Cadel was close, but hats off to Sastre who took the bull by the horns on Alpe D'Huez and had dip which paid off. Hope everyone back home enjoyed it as much as I did...thanks for

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