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20 June 2008

Feeling The Pinch

So today didn't go so well. I guess the stress on the body since the crash really took it's toll and with such a hard course something had to give. Pretty much I had nothing from the get go and suffered my way to the finish. The wrists seem to be improving and gaining a bit more movement with less pain, but any rough road hits were felt. Results haven't been posted on C-News yet, but I can tell you Wohlberg killed it for the big W. And that's about all she wrote for race day. Dinner was authentic Mexican, a platter for 2 people turned out to be enough for 2 families....guess what's for


Ben Raby said...

Go have anther coke, Mal.

Gunsle said...

Keep up the good work Winny.


Happy Healing

Steeley :P