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24 June 2008

Heading In For A Pitstop

So the Tour de Nez finished up and I'm now back home at Denver. Cool race, really cool race in a nice part of the world. The last stage was another altitude lung buster up in the village of NorthStar. A sweet 2mile loop that went through the cobbled lanes past the shops was a hoot and full gas with the GC still in reach for a handful of riders. Once again I battled and survived to the finish. Overall I guess as disappointing it was to be taken out on the first stage, the positive was that I was able to finish the tour. Always better than trading the lycra for handing bottles in the feedzone. So this week brings up a little break in the season for me. Time to recharge the batteries and take a short break from wearing the tight stuff before the second half of the season begins. This last week has really taken it out of me, especially with some long 16hr travel days and racing all week in thin air.

In other news being the sticker freak I am, I gave the rig a nice spruce up yesterday. Enjoy all the other pics and thanks for reading...cheers, winston.

Raby checkin' out the scene at Lake Tahoe
Shame we didn't have time to give the Suby Outback a crack at the title...

Real salt folks. Yes I tried tasting it.

Once again SRAM proved how supportive they are of North American Bike racing, providing awesome neutral support. Big shout out to Chad and the lads for the great work...

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