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19 March 2008

Trading Whistles For Wheels.

That's it, classroom time is over. The school term has ended. I've clocked off and hung up the official three-stripe sweat pants and put the spittle encrusted whistle back in the drawer for another day. Definitely a good feeling to finish up another block of teaching and now to fully switch my focus to the racing season ahead, with only 11 or so days till I fly out. I think in terms of looking at the bigger picture, going to uni and getting my teaching degree has been a pretty wise move, with teaching such being a flexible job, but also one that is fairly stable and in demand. I know that right now as a 24 year old (yep i had a birthday last week, snuck that under the radar!) full time teaching is not what I see myself doing. But the fact that I can still use my degree and earn some good $ and pick up work here around pursuing other goals has been pretty cool.

So my birthday was spent in a sweaty pub with a few hundred people seeing these guys. This is the second time I have seen them and holy smoke do they have such a big sound for a three piece. Very impressive and like any decent gig I left pretty much deaf, dehydrated and in need of a good lie down. Lator, cw.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Winn!! Nice to see you out and about in olinda :P I was running 14 k to practice for some run in the city. I did it in a hour and thirty two minutes. :) hahahaha ill be checkin your site to see how ya goin.


Gahhhh its not working !!! (if you get 4 comments its because i cant get it to work)

Anonymous said...

Wait Never mind.

Chris Winn said...

Looked like you were cruisin when I saw ya mate! Have a good holiday break and best of luck for the rest of the school year...and I still haven't seen that science assignment!! No sweat champ...