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22 March 2008

The Brew For You To Pull You On Through

Mac and I have been smashing the kms the last coupla days and it has been mighty sweet. The transition back to a full time bike rider again has been an easy one. Getting up in the morning with out a head full of lesson plans and task to get done has been awesome, with the only focus being on getting quality out of my time spent in lycra. Yesterday we hit up Kinglake and upon return we found gold in the form of a $2.80 bottom less cup of coffee from the bakery...yes we did take advantage of this offer and were consequently pinning it the last coupla hours home into crappy block head winds. Good times, good times.

The bro is in town and last night I gave him a crash course in setting up his own blog. Yep, the moose is loose in cyber-space...beware! But I'm sure there will be some quality reading somewhere down the track no

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