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02 March 2008

Go On, Just A Little Bit Further..

...was the unofficial motto today, until I looked at the clock and 7hrs had passed and that was my day done. Glenvale once again was quick, no thanks to the Canadian mafia that are currently in town...a trio that includes one Svein Tuft whose picture is in the dictionary under phrase 'tough as nails'...why? Well awhile back I remember reading an article on this guy and came to this conclusion from learning the following facts about the man...

  • Rode 2100km down highway 101 from Vancouver to Southern California before a January team training camp as he was short on miles. In January. It ain't sunny in the northern hemisphere then folks.

  • Does combat sports as a hobbies such as Jiu Jitsu and dabbled in wrestling.

  • Won the 2007 US Open in driving rain and snow.

  • Rode a mountain bike with a trailer from Vancouver to Alaska to go climb mountains as a teenager. And the kids of today wear eye liner and think they are tough.

  • Oh yeah and he won last years UCI Americas Tour and currently leads in 2008. Enough said.
Right now I am solidly in the middle of the big day post ride funk. Everything is a little hazy and and I seem to hit door frames walking around searching for that easiest and shortest route from A to B. Still, you can get away with that when you spend over 2 bucks in a day. Mix this with eating too much pasta and then deciding a protein shake should be added after that and I am in a right royal hurt box at the moment. Lucky its dark in here so I can hide. Speaking of food, a big shout to the regular stop Danish bakery in Frankston (yes there is international culture down there) for the hook-up of hot cross buns at the 5hr mark. Back to work tomorrow to revel in the glory of 2nd place in the staff swimming relay..yep I manned up and had a dip with the only disaster being a lost a flipper halfway down the lane...I mean..ahh..nothing Yeah yeah I know...flippers and we still got done...pathetic. I wonder how many hours Svein got in today..?


Gunsle said...

Can't be long now till u grow wings Windy.
Hows the little 'Bound for USA' Advent Calendar going? Surely u must have one, like the kids have for XMAS with a big USA Flag and a chocolate behind each window.

Remember only 1 chocolate per day as u count down!


Chris Winn said...

Leave on the whats like like 27 chocolates to go..the suspense is killing me!