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26 February 2008

Super Tuesday..

..once again lived up to its's name yesterday, and I think the following day should be named also too, something along the lines of "Struggle Street Wednesday". Tuesday is always a cracker of a day with the Sandown crit and last night was another great nights training, cept perhaps being a little more switched on could have made it an awesome nights training. So when I saw D-Mac and Brauny hit out to bridge across for the fast establishing break I thought yep this could be the goods...but being 3 or so wheels back from those guys and in some traffic the timing just wasn't so flash when I jumped, and I died pretty hard trying to come across on my own. So back to the bunch it was for me and of course the break stayed away for the rest of the race...damn, well that's the way it goes sometimes...kinda like picking the right lottery numbers but not submitting a ticket on a much, much smaller scale.

Playing around with this little bad boy on the rig at the moment...for a bike nerd who likes to crunch numbers and play with excel spreadsheets then this is keeping me well busy at the moment..and yes I know I am behind the times but remember this is a guy who brought an ipod only last year...

So the count stands at one month to go before heading over to start my race season in the States. It's gonna be one hell of a year no doubt and I'm absolutely hanging for it to begin. To be honest I thought I would be subject to a fair bit of back lash for switching to a season on the tarmac this year with such strong previous mtb know, the old 'dark side' joke...but its been great the amount of positive feedback I've had and that people have been supportive of my decisions to follow opportunity....I truly believe that to be successful in life you need to surround yourself with positive like minded people and I'm happy to say that for me that is true. Or they're just good liars! Ok I'm out..biggest hurdle this week at work will be worming my way outta the staff relay at the swimming carnival...triathlete I ain'

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stratobiker said...

One month to go. But don't be wishing your life away Chris!........

Just found your blog while googling 'Big Bird'! It's a good read. I'll be back to see how you're getting on.