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21 January 2008

What Happens When You Miss The Morning Java..

It has been quite the solid month, culminating in a busy last week of big km's, parties and lack of sleep. I think it all came to a head today when I layed it down on a hairpin I have ridden easily over 200 times in my life. Regular solid sleep is good for you kids! Well especially if you want to pilot a machine with a buck twenty in the tires and brakes smaller than the palm of your hand it is. Still, I knew there was a reason I shaved the pins this morning before heading out and no serious damage was done. And as Kat said today..'chicks dig an extent!' Wow, I always thought that saying was a load of bollocks to hide the fact you gotta carry these things for the rest of your life...maybe not. I blame the lack of a brew this morning for it all I know why roadies can't get enough of the stuff...

As mentioned the last few days have been a wipeout..congrats to the new Mr and Mrs Buckland for tying the knot, and to one Castlemaine kid for hitting the big two-one. And boy did he celebrate in style with a big night! Alas I was the goose who forgot to bring my camera to both special occasions and leaving this post a little empty..but nonetheless good times were had by all and perhaps better left un-dcocumented. Especially by a certain attendee of one of the functions who is lucky enough to drive a larger than average transportation rig and put it to use taking back some cyclists rights on the road...much respect.

So its back to work next week to earn those things called bucks, for those of you who don't know I have signed up for a first term of teaching again this year which will work out very nicely before blowing it all on this bike riding dream and the associated things that come along with it...

Oh yeah for those Mars Volta lands in 7 days..but you'd probably already know that I'm sure...prepare for the mind blowing sonic adventures to


Gunsle said...

Update on the blog looks great mate.

Geez Bitta Badluck about that sign.
I wonder who is in the wrong? The person that erects a misleading sign the takes from the cyclists basic rights or the person who flattens it?

Guess it depends if you look at the moral or legal view....

F#ck 'em!

Chris Winn said...

Thanks champ..the white was starting to crack me a for that sign i noticed yesterday that she's a little more 'awake' than it was..almost needs to be 'put back to sleep' permanently..