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25 January 2008

It's Oz Day!

Happy Australia Day people! Couldn't help but pull out the portable, George Foreman grill to cook some steak and snags today as per the 26th o' Jan household tradition. Ok I know it's not quite the standard aussie bbq, but a Jeff Fenech or Joe Bugner Grill hasn't hit the market yet (c'mon fellas!)..but for two people to lug out our four burner bbq for such a small meal kinda doesn't justify!

Well I've had the creeps all week. The legs just ain't loving life and there is a whole lotta rollin' but not much rockin' been going on out on the roads this week. Ahh well you get that from time to time I s'pose. In much more exciting news the bro has inked a deal with Orbea this year and will be flying the handmade Spanish flag this weekend at the Mtb Nationals at Peter's place. Best of luck champ. So it does kinda feel a little odd for me to not be racing for the green and gold stripey shirt this weekend up there too...but looking ahead the team schedule looks like we will be hitting some pretty big NRC stage races early this season, namely Tour of the Gila and Mt Hood in Oregon. So I can safely say I will have my work cut out for me there and every day here is vital in preparing for the masses amount of suffering to come. And no that doesn't mean watching seasons of the Gilmore Girls or Mornings With Kerri Ann. Speaking of suffering for anyone who has ridden up the Nongs lately would have no doubt experienced the new road resurfacing in certain areas...and yet somehow it is worse now than before?

Still the highlight of the week goes to finding these magnificent garden snips on the side of the road...more often than not its beer cans and Veronica's cd's littering the shoulder so to come across a highly useful item was rad for sure. Oh I've added some items to the garage too..finally..lator y'

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K_10 said...

I think if you watch the right episode, the gilmore girls would be good preporation!!