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31 December 2007

Burn Baby Burn.

Someone turned up the heat to the mega. The last few days I ventured up to Bendigo for some training, track watching and quality oven living where the temperature reached 44 one of the days. For our Fahrenheit friends that's 111 big ones. Needless to say there was plenty of melting tar out on the roads and despite my best sunscreen efforts some melting skin too. Ah well perks of the job.

There is something strangely sadistic about watching guys lay the smack down on fixed geared bikes on CONCRETE velodromes in such heat. I mean I thought i was suffering in my chair..under the shade tent...with a bottle of wat....okay maybe not. There were definitely some hardcore riding out there. The bro did a sterling effort with a coupla wins, including an absolute cracker in a 2000m wheelrace heat, with a suicide attack over three laps lasting only just before the scratch guys powered home.

The original dynamic duo...holy salmon pink socks batman..

As for me it will be time to open the 2008 racing account tmw, hitting up the Bay Crits which will be a hoot....a somewhat painful hoot so stay tuned..

Oh and before I go...Happy Birthday for this girl...


Grover said...

nothing to do with track racing or birthdays, but i remember you asking about road q-factor when i stumbled across this. it appears dura-ace increased 10.2mm in the transition from octalink to external bearing.

Chris Winn said...

Nice one Groves, thanks for the info mate..

Kat said...

How aero are those dreads?

Gunsle said...

Love the socks Cam!