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26 December 2007

Would You Want To Recieve Gifts From These Guys?

Man i am pretty beat right now. Whether it's the large amount of food still digesting from yesterday's Christmas lunch or the fatigue from a day spent laughing at the many goof ball acts from various family members I'm not too sure. Probably a little bit of both I reckon with a coupla fun days on the bike thrown in too with the bro in town. With the whole crew kickin' it Nong's style it was rather nice not to have to get in a car and travel anywhere for the day...

...think the old lady was pretty happy with that too!

I think that the rest of the day really is best left to my sneaky photo capturing let the embarrassment roll on!

Hungry anyone??

The bro was a little under the weather on the day suffering from a nasty head only he can.

Okay so this looks like the standard family grand children photo, except the bro is copping a massive poke in the ribs hence the somewhat uncomfortable smiling expression and much to my amusement. Brothers will be brothers..hey, he'd do the same if he had the eat dog out there.

Someone had the wacky idea to bring some karaoke sing star device we see another boy band in the hit predictions of 2008?

Well that's about it folks, and i hope everyone had as much of a fun day as we did. I think it's time for another lie down...lator, cw.


Anonymous said...

yes that cream was Very Nice.
Christmas up at your place was fun, even with sing star.

Thanks for putting that picture of me eating the cream.


Anonymous said...

Well done with your Xmas blog Chris.
Family photo's are a must.
Sneaky move. Glad your camera didn't
focus on me.

auntie J.