Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


24 September 2007

Style Points.

An exciting day with yet another sunshine filled ride in the morning followed by an afternoon's work cultivating a rather large patch of dirt ready for some grass to grow. Good times, good times. Sore arms, sore arms. So I read with some amusement that half the field in the Beijing five ringed circus trial race went the curbside quiche due to the air pollution there. Awesome, who needs clean air to function anyways eh?

Attended my cousins wedding yesterday, needless to say the Green rocked the place out to the mega with his cream suit and new Juleus Marlo kicks.

Cop that Tony Greg.
Todays lesson for kids- Don't try and cut your own hair in on the ad-breaks whilst watching Back To the Future. Unfortunately its back to the military for this clown.
Wonder what Kat is doing now..? Lator, cw.


Kat said...

Right now I'm wondering whether you hair will be grown out to normal length by March...better start popping extra vitamins...xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ah the style of the Green. Did he tell you about the whole box of lollies in the back seat of the car?

Mumbles, then open the window and did I heard a "chuck up" or "a spitting out", my $50 is safe.