Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


29 September 2007

Beard Brother Goes Big.

  • Wezman grabs U23 silver...I had a beard off against that guy.
  • Cross Vegas...hell yeah CX is back and bout time too.
  • D-Mac and Norris back in town
  • K.L Garner...hottest lawyer of the year 2007
  • The bro taking his fixie on a 7 day road tour...gaining a hard man rep..
  • Sushi..the new burrito?
  • The Burg Dog...keeps on keepin' on
  • Ryan Adams...messed up unit but great tunes...
  • How many guys got busted this year?
  • Riding my bikes again.
  • Chewing gum...back on the program!
  • SRAM Red..come on other boys, keep up!
  • Slipstream-Chipolte..the powered by burrito wave keeps on building..


  • Kat halfway around the world
  • No Kings tix
  • P Plate driver deciding to U-Turn across two lanes in front of me. Wally.
  • Tour Of's to biting off more than you can chew.
  • Underwear under knicks and cant win World Cups like that China.
  • Late night self haircuts...don't even go there
  • Rasmussen, Vino, Kashec...ah who cares..
  • Kat halfway around the world
  • Kat halfway around the world
  • Kat halfway around the world
  • Kat halfway around the world......sigh.


Ash Thomas said...

hot - being able to blog whilst the rest of us are at work...

Not - the whole being at work part of that... ;)

rolf libertad said...

hot-having money because i work.

Anonymous said...

hey dude dont want to put a downer on your 'Not so good' list but i have got kings tix! sorry to do it to you but its true!!!!!!


green said...

hot - riding fixies through the grampians

shot - both my knees