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29 August 2007

Smiles And Sunshine.

The sun is out and my girl is in my arms. Life is pretty darn good the moment.

Not sure if there will be a platypus invasion in CO towards the end of the year, I swear Kat pocketed one before we left H-Ville Sanctuary yesterday. For me that place is just a great reminder just how weird our animals really are...

Three months was a long time. But we made it...


green said...

check out my website and you too are the star attractions, i had to hold bryces hair back when he looked at that photo. catch ya tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Chris, your smile says it all.
Ain't love grand.

see you both soon.

Auntie J.

Anonymous said...

Looking tops, top couple!
Am proud...
Lovn the blog to by the way!
U 2 have fun now...Give me a holla some time talk to me bout this Dream of a year!

Hair Dwyer
Aka...Clothes Dwyer!
U know it!