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21 August 2007

End Of The Line.

Well the VTT has marked the end of what was by far the best season and year of my life to date. I think I've said it before but this year things have no doubt shifted up a few gears and I am loving every second. It's time now for me to hang up the cleats for a few weeks for a little rest and recovery, but in saying this I am already excited and pumped for a bigger and better 2008.

So much thanks goes out to my family, friends, coaches, and sponsors who without their fantastic support this wouldn't all be possible.

Thanks everyone for making it fun...ride on. cw.


Lana Norris said...

Thanks for the all updates Chris...It's been a good journey!

K_10 said...

Hey winn
Very proud of your efforts this year. missing you heaps. see you hopefully mid october??? Say hi to ur mum for me!

Grover said...

a little bit of r+r and the punch will come back to the legs, just in time for the US cross season. now there's an idea.

Ash Thomas said...

nice work for keeping up the effort, make it one of the better blogs out there, so keep up the randomness in the off season!!

f#@%kin good work this year mate, you killed it!

Scott Liston said...

Heaps good effort Chris. Thanks for envolving the rest of us too. its been a good read. I guess you'll be resting up abit now before preping yourself for our national series.

By the looks of things you guys are going to be in a league of your own this year after all this Euoro/American race experience you've recieved

Catch. ScottyL

Anonymous said...

And now its soon to be cricket season, let the commentary team work there magic.

You dont have a Photo of the new RockShox XC fork? only the old one

Chris Winn said...

hey thanks everyone..looking forward to catching you all up around the traps back home..thanks for reading cw.

Anonymous said...


How about an update or is KAT taking up all your time.

Anonymous said...

MOOSE!!! how bout comin to the dingo for a bit, i will look after you real well!!!!!