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26 July 2007

Tour De Farce...

…ahh I don’t want to even waste my brain. Clear out the rats cause we don’t want them. Enough said. Those guys don’t deserve space on this site.

So today D-Mac and I hit up the mtb for the first time in a long time and boy was it great, with the Canadian Cap’ sending us out on an adventure, forgetting that he rode it on a 5 inch dually whilst Mac Attack and I got our teeth rattled out. Oh so worth it though.... Except for the nail that found it’s way through Macca’s tire 5m before being back on the tarmac.

Once again Norris pulled out a ripper of a soup for dinner tonight, the man has some hidden talents in the kitchen cause this is at least $21.95 on any table back home…

Bit of history grace the walls of the Mapei testing centre..

All in all another wicked day kickin’ it Euro style. The sun is definitely shining at the moment..lator cw

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Cooper said...

Tour De Farce is right my friend, getting loads of coverage here because of just eating it up. When Ras got kicked out the other night it was huge...........for the general public that had been loving coverage the tour simply died before their eyes.