Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


27 July 2007

Good Day Sunshine.

Today was just one of those days where it just is great to be alive...reco day for us honks and the sun was out tapping along some sweet ass Italian roads..doesn't get Eddie Vedder than this really..over and


Anonymous said...

chris, roz here. b'go has just had one of the coldest most miserable days ever, so to see you guys in jsut shorts and jersey really sucks the biggy!!! Say Hi to norris for me. soak it up.....i'm rather jealous!!!!
catchya when yer back in our world.

green said...

if you boys have a bit of spare time over there and can download stuff off the web-a-net then check out the mighty boosh, series 2 goes without saying, classic.

righto, i am off to do my 120km with 13metres of climbing, bend-over-a-dingo style!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cam, i'll swap yer 13 metres of climbing with my 700 anyday, theres nowhere to ride that is flat near my place, although when your back in the nongs its diff ey?