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27 April 2007

Word On The Street Is..

So been on the course the last coupla days and the best way i can describe it is somewhat of a bastard hybrid mix between the the Lysterfield Comm Games track and the Stromlo Nationals venue....the lap is pretty much 95% smooth singletrack that just winds its way all around and over this ranch...with absolute no shade it is a true bake fest out there..oh yeah..a lap too is just over 20km with three laps for the pro men its gonna be a real showdown.

One disappointing factor is that it has no technical sections whatsoever, but in saying this there are some pretty fast and steep traversing descents across the sides of these hills and if you over cook them you're pretty well screwed.

So its gonna be a pretty damn fast race..saw some of the big hitters floatin about today in tha pits, think we might see some 29'er setups out there cause it would be perfect I reckon.

Tomorow is STXC first up, got plate number 21 so that will be a pretty good grid start I hope....USA tip of the day..a 20oz Americano Expresso Coffee will fully send skinny XC racer boys around the bend.. lator cw.


Anonymous said...

Man the bike of yours looks pretty rad with a NORBA/NMBS plate on the front! Good luck in your races. Joel

Anonymous said...

Keep the news coming.
Stay away from the extra large food sizes, it all means extra KG to lug around. Say hello to Camm.


Anonymous said...

Hey Boys, great site. So this is where I learn Bike speak! Aha will all make sense now. Goodluck for tmo. Cheers Renee

Anonymous said...

Hope it goes great brother, make sure you don't go down wondering, have a crack son. And i think coffee addiction is "so hot right now" im trying to get a deal with nescafe..........ill hook you up if all go's well. Take Care mate and word to camo aswell.


K_10 said...

hey, i forgot to ask how cam went, it he was racing this weekend, so give those details too!

Anonymous said...

i did a ride with the dredded one, one a rail trail that had more tech sections on it then that, by the sounds. all the best with it boys.


Grover said...

short track 16th, top work winny - that's lower than the plate so you're moving up in the world. now smash that xc (contemplate keeping the road wheels on?).