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26 April 2007

Stars, Stripes and Burritos..

Well this is sweet. Sitting down here in Solvang library, state o' California in downtown USA with some rad wireless hookup. So this is officially day two after a pretty standard flight over on tues morning. Survived the pretty lame plane food okay and didn't go too stir crazy.... a good start. With no stop overs it was straight to LA airport and to a massive friggin line up to get in to the country and with a coupla good old eye and finger scans we were in...radness to the max. So steppin' outta the Airport we cruised over to pick up our RV motorhome rig. Heading outta town on the 101 highway it was crazy just how many friggin big pick up trucks there are..sorry utes. They all have massive chrome grills and 22inch wheels n' shit...complete with 50year old soccer mums behind the wheel.

Bigger is better, Green marvels at the 1 litre Gatorade.

So we picked up the rig no worries and after sorting out which side of the road is which..okay we only messed up once...and well potentially one other time..we were away. The thing hooks pretty well on the highway with a V10 under the bonnet and we scooted up to Santa Barbara, about halfway up the coast to our destination for the NORBA at Los Olivos.

Sweet position for a Coke machine at the National Park....

Unfortunately they were outta this model when we picked up our RV....

So here we are now staying on Lake Cachuma just outside of the main town of Solvang. Which apart from being one of Armstrongs training camp places, is the Danish capital of the US, so if we down enough Budweiser we could be confused the next day that we are in Europe.

One thing I gotta rave about here is the real deal USA burrito. Friggin awesome, the best, just fully madd. For 6 bucks the things weighs close to a kilo, with chicken, rice, pinto beans etc.. in a perfectly steamed tortilla..haven't eaten anything else for dinner yet and dont really plan to!

So this is where we are staying on Lake Cachuma, pretty cool spot with squirrel's and blue jays about.

Plan to head out to the course this afternoon,....cheers y'all.. winston..


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Looks good Chris. Make sure Camm behaves himself, and dont super size too much.

Anonymous said...

well boys good too see you are liveing it large! green (camm) takes long enough too eat a gormet bfast. given the 1kg for $6 it would be a good hour before you more on!!!! keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Dude lay opff the burritos, take it from a guy who worked a s a chef over there, they will do bad things to your weight! I want a pic of an escalade up, pearly white with 22's!

Get Shooting.


Steve said...

Good luck Chris! Knock 'em dead!

Anonymous said...

Bring me back a burrito.
thanks Uncle Pete