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18 April 2007

Random Rambling....

Well the legs are freshly toasted after another day pedalling circles. In frickin awesome weather might I add too, we need the rain but logistically it's nice not to be getting stuff clean and dry all the time. Got some sweet stickers for the burg dog's back window too to put up....hard to add any more class to an 88' Corolla though.... Haven't been off the new Zaskar since building it up. Even better running with the SID up front. Kinda an exciting feeling now that my race entries are done..I guess reality is sinking in that next week I'll be lining up stateside....first event's gonna be a other words 20mins of glass eating pain..bring it. Unfortunately won't be under lights like at Arizona. Not much is happening on other fronts, just busy trying to organise some last minute bits and pieces. Sucks when stuff can't couriered up the Nongs being classified as 'country'...hold on..I do have a farm style gate runnin. Graduated from Uni on Monday. Pretty hilarious ceremony really...I think I'll refrain from posting any pictures with me in the gown and the pointy hat. Well the food was pretty good at least and seeing some old faces and swapping war stories from term one was nice. Lator. cw.


Anonymous said...

Go Winny, cool, that all rocks, yeah, I want a GT Peace 9r, race that dude.

Anonymous said...


Hope you both have a GREAT TIME. Remember drive on the right hand side.

Stay away from Bud and drink Miller's

P& J

Chris Winn said...

Hey Thanks..i cant wait...gotta try at least one bud!