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22 April 2007

The Final Countdown.

For those who know me pretty well they can testify that I am a big sticker freak...I have stickers from Pearl Jam shows four years ago that are still unused cause well..the front of a diary only last a year, exercise books fill up and so on...don't want to waste such quality! So I was pretty stoked to come across some genuine old skool factory SRAM decals the other day and knew they had to make it on the new rig! I mean come on, a flaming truck with shark teeth...hell yeah!

Had to give the burg dogg new sticker love too...big is better

So with two days to go the mad packing has begun, albeit pretty slowly but I hate being unorganised. Fronted up for G-vale again this mornin and had a ball. Been awhile since I'd done some road crits and they're damn good fun, especially when there is a shipping container to dodge in turn two and a beige Camry coming into the final all the looks you get from roadies when you wear black socks.

For all the bike nerds out there here's my new rig with some road wheels that I'll use for tarmac time in the yankee land. Runs like a dream..almost thought of taking it to the crit today..sure beats the hell out of just black socks....lator cw.

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