Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


10 January 2007

Respect The Elders.

Man today was one of the best rides ever I think. 6.5hrs of pure back country fun out to the Ada Tree, which used to be the tallest tree in the southern hemisphere at 120m, now stands at 80m but still impressive nonetheless. I mean this thing is almost 300 years old.... incredible.

Some of the nicest singletrack sections I've ridden too, in fully lush cool temp rain forest. Hell yeah!

Eva showed us some cool camping huts on the way...came stock with pretty nice outdoor furniture too..

Can't argue with the did i mention how impressive this thing is?..nature at it's finest kids...look after it cause it's the only one we got.


Anonymous said...

OMG Winn, is that like a personal record...2 posts in 2 days...? Congrats

Paul van der Ploeg said...

Hey winny,
looks like a pretty sweet ride you went on. But it cant compare to the big hill ride we did, with the swim and run sections, or could it? hmmm

See you at Nationals

Ash Thomas said...

keeping pretty reasonable company too I see, looks like an awesome ride!! Anon. makes me laugh....!

Chris Winn said...

I know who Annon. is and she is a wimp pure and simple! And she doesn't like mexican food so really she has got issues!