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08 January 2007

A Fresh Start....

A new year. Sweet. Okay so this blog has been a little quiet of late...but hey, its the holiday season and well, time has been better spent riding the bike and other various adventures rolling into one day to the next. Spent a good weekend up Mt Beauty with the crew actually. Highlights?? Epic back country ride featuring some aquaduct training time and a sweet hike-a-bike hill from all the fallen smoked trees. NYE was spent getting up at sparrow's with Trent for some freshwater trout fishing time...unfortunately nothing on the hook...except my enthusiasm to cast the rod again in the near future so that was sweet. And therefore the turning of the calender from six to seven was spent catching z's..but hey thats the way she goes sometimes.

Hit up the Carnage Crits which were pretty amusing as always...140 dudes going hellcat style into every corner equating to more chops than an Iron Maiden record. Managed to keep it rubber side down but pretty much rode like a small child for the most of it. Not even riding the only SRAM Force G-set in the bunch could get the legs firing..on the tarmac anyway. Day of rest and it was off to Mt Beauty once more for round 2 of the state mtb series. Hello dirt time. Finally felt decent for the first time since the 24 and got the last spot on the box for third. Good feeling to know that the most important one is working this time of the year.
Happy Dayz... Keep it real, cw.


Benjamin said...

Leave my step.:>

T(e)! said...

On ya Chris, you were looking very decent in the Mt Beauty race. Paul Van was tearing it up thou... man he is fast. Must be something about those chestnuts.

Chris Winn said...

Hell Yeah! That kid is big thing..

Anonymous said...

Great result at Mt Beauty.

JORDAN said...

Mate i have three pics of you from Mt. Beauty if you want them email me at