Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


21 January 2007

Professional Tracksuit Time.

It's official, the Nongs have slipped back into a mid August fog fest right now..pretty funny for mid Jan to be trying to dry wet shoes. Managed to avoid the rain today for another crack at Glenvale trying to get some intensity happening for next week. In a coupla breaks but nothing special in the legs but whatever...its road racing...everyone knows its better doin' it in the dirt. One of these days I'll get a result down there..hopefully.

So some news that I've neglected to mention of late comes in the fact that I have a job for first term. Yep, would you believe, a real full time PE teaching gig. Only for term one which is perfect to earn some solid arthur ashe that will go towards some big random adventures planned for this year.

Can't stop listening to Kings of Leon at the moment. Damn southern country fried rock is so frickin' sweet....double denim and boots all the way....Catch you in detention...Mr Winn.


T(e)! said...

(Southern Drawl)
Well he said Fred I just killed a man
Caught him laying with my girlfriend
Now they're both dead, people can be so cold when they're dead...
(insert janglin guitar...)

joel said...

Well done on the term 1 placement, I'll be cheerin ya on at nationals, yeah dog! get some!

Chris Winn said...

Hey Joel is the C-pouch making the trip to the ACT???