Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


24 January 2007

Dust Captial.

This post comes live all the way from Hotel Yeti in ye olde Canberra town after an pretty solid session in the burg dog yesterday, including the traditional tart stop at Holbrook. Perry was pleased. Actually it was a pretty good drive up with the Green bringing some sweet two way radios so it was "10-4 big rig" the whole way as we convoyed.

Cut a few laps today of the track today and despite being in the sun the whole time I rate it hey. Dusty as all hell and sweet for the ASR so it should be the goods

Gotta say this year the accommodation level has stepped it up a few notches, complete with a fridge in what looks like a cupboard and fancy liquid soap on tap in the shower...don't get that shit up the Nongs...out, cw.


Ash Thomas said...

nice work mate, we'll have to get a trailer for you, and you can put a name sticker on it, then you can have made it 'aussie style'. Next stop, NORBA, and Martini had better watch out!

Rodger dodger big ducky, over under and out..!

Good luck for the big one!!

TheKillerAnt said...

good luck mr winn ;)
hope u race well, and yeah u gotta get urself a trailer asap, drive it down to glenvale, lol