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10 December 2006

El Scorcho - State XC #1

Yeoh. 42deg was the word up from the supercoach for today's first round of the Vic State Series at Officer. Damn. I can (and anyone else out there) tell ya that it was brutal, absolutely brutal day for pedaling two wheels in your favourite coloured lycra. So with five of the best to do (was originally six) it was one hell of a day to boot. With added pressure on watch I pinned it off the start line taking young gun Braunsteins along with for a solid gap on the main bunch, until about the middle of the lap when I realised I felt like my body was already at meltdown going that pace and I had to play this one smarter if I was gonna survive another 2hrs of quality oven time. Lap two Brauny came to the front with a little gap as I started to feel a little internal self combustion happenin, but it wasn't till lap three that I managed to get back the lead again after he unfortunately had pedal issues. So with three laps left and never enough water in the bidons by the end of them it was game on to try and hold on for the big W.

Photo Credit: kjc

Man it was a total suffer fest. Pretty interesting to try and race a bike when your brain is melting. Wouldn't recommend it! I kept trying to tell myself to have fun, have fun with the singletrack and not cook the goose cause in those conditions bam, once you hit the wall its all over. With consistent lap times I survived, taking my first State Rnd victory in the end by over four minutes. Radness to the max. I was happy for sure but completely and utterly fried, baked, cooked, smoked, charcoal and whatever other adjective you wanna throw in there that was me. Those who saw me post rolling over the finishline will testify.... and managed to lose 4kg in the process...wouldn't recommend it as a weight loss program tho... So happy dayz and a perfect start to the series and always sweet to get that elusive win on the scoreboard. Major props to added pressure (who now becomes lucky charm) and Lachy for coming out in support at their very first mtb race...hats off to you both and thanks for the cheers out on the course on such a h-core spectating day, much appreciated. The day rounded out with a nice afternoon pool swim and a flick...awesome. So roll on Thredbo eh! Lator, I'm off to drink all the water outta Silvan


Anonymous said...

Job all you gotta do is win the girl..

ash said...

there's girls up for grabs?

Chris Winn said...

I think I'll just let this one slide through to the keeper...!

AP=LC said...

Where are the orange pants......let us see the orange pants!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hellooooo, Bullfrog here. You don't know if you can catch fish on Channel 10 track do ya? Got any news for me? Good luck at Thred Dogg.

Gunsle Rapunzel said...

On ya' winnie. Keep up the good work.