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08 December 2006

Breaking New Ground

Haven't touched the old tamac tweaker all week. Been dirt city. Don't think there ever has been a week of training at home without a spin on the roadie. Could be a good thing. A very good thing. Okay so I did almost cheat with Eva and Trev on a city ride using slicks but hey it was still the dirty bike..or dusty bike right now...and Rob put us on that much singletrack along the anyway..which was pretty fun on 1.75 and 80psi.. So i've been fired up all week for the first state round at Officer this weekend..been too long between drinks since racing at Tassie I this weekend will see added pressure come out to watch in support..better perform or my ass is grass! Oh go check out the Yeti site too cause the 07 line is up has just been put up...just remember to wipe the drool off the keyboard when your done. Green is down tmw which will be mayhem as always. With no water up in the dingo its hydration is done at the local..makes sense to me..anyway its waaaaaaaay past my bedtime and my legs are nicely toasted from walkin some trails tonight...peace out, cw.


Added Pressure said...

Thanks for the mention dude! Ur gonna love it, ill take awesome pics of lots of lycra and show it everywhere!

Anonymous said...

look out for some clown, i think he works for the local council cause his clothing is covered in bright bloody fluro yellow stripes. what a dickhead.... harding cycles, where the fuck is that????

Anonymous said...

is this some gay sort of melbourne thing..
winnie, bush fires are on, but why is the smoke over ferny creek a different colour blue..
is that bridgstone smoke.
also. where the the hell is hardon cycles?