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06 November 2006

Cup Day Climbing.

Hit up Donna B today with the crew...been awhile, possibly even last cup day?? Ouch. Hell cold at the top let me tell you...but damn satisfying climb for sure. So today officially felt like a real training day after the last month of bits and pieces with a few races thrown in the mix for good measure. A truly great feeling to be out there today, legs were good and motivation was high, couldn't ask for much more really. I'm beginning to think that the little sick break was kinda good in away, put a few things into perspective and I've come out the other side in a better place.

The hard man award of the day definitely went to DJ Macca for heading up DB on only his second day back on the the bike after some time off...thats what I like about this kid, not afraid to make it hurt when it needs to happen..

So will all that has been going on the past month time slipped by to the point where in less than a weeks time it will be Pearl Jam week 2006, hitting up monday, tuesday and thursday nite melbourne it feels like last year when I hung out all night on cold concrete camping out for tix at knox..but oh, oh so worth it...theres something about the music that has captured me since day one. I've always said there are people that just hear music and people that listen to music. I think its pretty awesome that an arrangement of different sounds can take you to new places emotionally and spiritually..put some disc in and it can totally change you headspace. I think that is pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

hey hellcat,the burns are looking a bit short mate!!!!!!
regards fellow burn wear-a

TheKillerAnt said...

nice post winny, great ride, didnt get to catch up with u again on the way back cos me and my mate ben put the hammer down on the way back...trying to warm up :)

by the way, is there such a thing as blog plagerism? lol, 'the end is the beginning', funny stuff!