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12 November 2006

Bouncing Off The Walls..

Regardless of all the variables in life there is still one constant.....time waits for no man..and I'll be screwed if I know what the hell happened this week that I am now sitting down typing away Sunday evening. Needless to say it has been a great week, putting in quality lycra time, with highlights including rolling some beach kms with the Mac Attack and heading out for a quick curry on sassa yesterday...quite funny to be rolling with first time sassa riders who were quite taken aback from the customary sting...especially this time o' the year where it is overgrown as hell..still that trail has more X factor than Ritchie Benuad and keeps me coming back

Oh and I managed to get hitched whilst out and about too.. supercoach there in the background there was the best man and Eva conducted the ceremony in fine fashion...honeymoon was short cause I still had coupla hours training left to do...she was cool wit it..

The pic just doesn't do justice how much crap was caught in Macca cassette...the magic of sassa again people...

I guess sometimes its nice to take a step away from the bike riding world everynow and then and get amongst other passions, keep the balance so to there are no more sleeps after tonight before I go completely off my head for in my opinion the greatest band in the world pretty much all next week...I remember last time I saw them in 02' and almost losing it when they were setting up their equipment on stage before they even came on....tomorrow nites first show will be the kinda warm up with seating up the back..then race day is no doubt the tues nite show being front row centre on the floor ready to throw down big time and thurs nite final melb show will be back on the floor for last lap glory...bring it...doesn't get eddie vedder than this...out, cw.


Ross said...

i vouch for sassa, its rad... real life mtb riding. hey winny your 'wife' is a bit of a MILF, right on brutha.

hey man i have a shop now (just opened so whenever you're in M-town, come in and say hey.

cheers Ross.

T(e)! said...

That what you need thou, a good women who understands the need for some K's and fun!