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13 September 2006

Ticking The Boxes

So things have been pretty quiet on the ranch the last coupla days which has been nice, and as luck would have it some assignment due dates pushed back a week which is even better...actually yesterday was the last day of classes for one of my units..totally unexpected considering there is officially 3 or so weeks still to run, but hey, who am to argue!! Kinda a schweet as feelin' walkin outta that class for the last time... and plus straight after the lady at the sandwich bar hooked us up with a mass load of tuna in my roll so it was happy days for sure...the simple things in life! Hey a spy phone pic just landed right now of my new Yeti ARC hardtail race bike just finished being built up by Pezza...rad...cant wait to give it a shake when she arrives....definitely a big fan of the new paint jobs this year...oh so factory race lookin'..

Training wise I've had two solid days for one lousy one where I completely left the legs at i figure I'm still on top at the moment...Green is here will be here for the weekend so it will be game on as always! Thanks for stopping by, cheers, winny.


Ross said...

ooooooooooh new and fancy!!!!!!

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Ash Thomas said...

Super tidy new look pal! Keep 'em rollin!