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10 September 2006

Simple Complexity or Complex Simplicity?

Being the calm before the storm this month, sometimes you cant help but wonder what sort of storm will hit this coming season...a few years ago I always had the wonder whenever I heard the phrase floating around talk of training about "knowing yourself"as an athlete and learning about what mods your personal engine needs to get the pink slips at thunder road. It kinda cracked me a bit cause I had no idea about listening into to myself, as much as i wanted to embrace this concept that could get me to the next level I really couldn't figure out what it was all about. Time is always a good thing. Fast forward 3 or so years and I'm no zen master but I feel I'm getting there to the point where I can feel where the load is too much, or im lacking in leg speed, or threshold work or time to take a days rest despite the program saying 6 and hills...its kinda a cool feeling of being in control...I guess at the end of the day there is no one you knows you better than you, most people just don't take the time outta the daily grind to sit and listen in. Its like when you turn a kaleidoscope and the new pattern comes into focus....and to this upcoming season...well I don't think my motivation has ever been as high right now for bike racing and life in general for that matter..

You know there is always something schweet floating down at SRAM HQ. The next level of bling. Stop drooling people. Future production?? I hope so....

As I ride through the valley of the shadow of slums...inner city? Nope da nongs..damn

Someone is listening.

So next week rolls on...make it count. Do what you love, love what you do.

Trippin' to the sounds of the Mars Volta and the sheer desperation angst found in Rise Against, lator all, cw.

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