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27 August 2006

Minus The Asterisk

So Worlds has been run and won for another know its a dog hard day when the rainbow is won with an av. speed under 20km/h...kinda disappointed not to have been there after a box worthy ride there at Oceanias back in of the best weeks ever of riding, racing and a whole lotta shit talkin'... that reminds me I guess I'm senior this season now too...damn the U23 years go quick...but the future is always brighter than the past cause whats done is done and right now each tick of the clock is edging closer to Oct 27th the day of finshing 17 years straight o' study...

....had a ripper of a day with Joel R, hittin' the Casey Fields Crit and ending up just outside the coin in a sprint with 6th..a vast improvement on a circuit that usually aint too kind...probably one of the strangest crits i've done, full of sprinters who aren't so keen to work but are ready to tear shreds at the end over weeds like me..frustrating but was kinda funny being in a sprint mix for once...hope everyone had as good weekend as i

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