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26 August 2006

Catching the Worm

The speed shakes descending down the elbow from home told me she was pretty damn close to being under the magic zero up in lyrebird city being just 3deg off the mtn.... whats with roadie bunches and early pre dawn starts..maybe they just have real lives to attend to in the afternoon with wives and girlfriends...hmmm

Caught a ride with the enduro crew today, Jack and Ash from Felt Racing, Marathon man Ivan, Kona's king of the two fours Andrew and Specialized Pink powerhouse Joel it was off on tour de Nongs...

Yellingbo general store predicts the future...another reason to go ride your bike..

Ive fresh from a European Marathon campaign put some late hurt on the bunch..

Great day, great roads, great doesnt get Eddie Vedder than that...

chowder, cw.


Ash Thomas said...

argh, you snaked my post!

Anonymous said...

Surely MTBers on a road ride aren't quite a roadie bunch ?

You raise the question, do road riders do better with the ladies than MTBers ......... ?

Anonymous said...

as some of the fair -a sex the answer is No mtb`s are just dirty!