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29 May 2006

Speaking of SRAM bling..

Had to post this one up for all the tech nerds out of my most treasured possesions..very cool..

Truvativ Openflo- what the lab guys made when practicing making carbon cranks apparently...

...essential for any cold beverage! lator, cw.


Ash Thomas said...

thats what I was telling you about.

check it,

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

And i thought blogs were just for NORBA pros!
This is great , keep it up mate.

camm said...

Nice opener, all you need now is to learn how to drink like a true fat tyre freak. i know a bloke who might be able to help you out!!!! if you ever came up to ride you might bloody meet him!!!

Ross said...

hey winny,

i got a GK watter bottle from the com games going rotten on the top of my fridge and the girlfriend says its gotta go.

are you interested?? its clear with GK written in black marker on the side. hasn't been opened or anything.... still got some dried K-bomb spit on it. totally geniune as i was working as a volunteer and it was a post race score at the second feed/tech zone.

freemo told me to rub it on my knob first.. but he's a big dirty bastard. gentle giant my ass.

just email me at if you're keen.