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30 May 2006

Dirt for a change..

So with a Cyclinic coaching day to help out on this weekend, i figure it was high time to roll out the ole' ARC from the garage and throw a leg over..first time since Oceanias I think...high time too, I'm I'm diggin all the road kms at the momnet and the odd ss knee buster now and then, but as soon as i hit that first muddy, slick root infested singletrack descent on the turquoise bullet it all came flooding back why I am a mtber first, roadie second and cyclocrosser third (okay so i have never raced cross but i'm so diggin it after watching my US cross season dvd most nights of the week and will race it before i hang up the boots for sure. Cross rules!) So the day i decide to leave the camera behind i come across two lyrebirds on the same trail...ah well. So it was a good day, i mean the sun was out, last week of uni for the semester and i managed to nail the whole top section of one tree hill rd on the back wheel for the first time (much to the amusement of the car behind, but hey when you're on a good thing...!)
In mullet news there was the initial side trimming last night, but possibly a little premature cause the length at the back is not super yet... just too eager at the moment... hey word up for JHK getting on the box at Fort William..inspirational stuff for sure... well on that high note I'll leave it today... over and out, cw.

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