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16 May 2006

Can you smell something?

So today was a pretty uninteresting day really, i think this post stems from boredom or frustration, although having 70 odd hits to this site is strangely amazing!? Today was a uni day..i can smell the smoke of burn out from being there as i write...over it big time..especially when the weather was so good today, first day of sunshine in awhile, too bad training was done at night. Did get to give my new Blackburn lights a run which was cool. After 17years of schooling i'm pretty lost on the whole thing, i guess you could say i perfected the art of passing without learning anything, espcially over the last couple of semesters..somehow i don't think i'm the only one but! So the word up from the bro is that he has an inside connection for pj tickets, could be saving me a 12hr cold concrete ass but we'll just have to wait and see... so thought id post a link to, Nick is a first year pro with Trek from Colorado (Yep, home of Yeti) and his blog is one that kinda inspired me to start mine...although his life seems a little more exciting than mine right now...ahh well, tomorow's another day.. lator cw.

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You are a Machine!!!