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15 May 2006

Back on the road with Pearl Jam fever

what better way to open the first post with a run down of the first road race of the season for me yesterday down the coast a Crib Point. So being back on the bike about a month, with a week off with sickness (always happens when starting training again after the off season, ambition is greater than current form, equalling throwing myself off the deep end early!), the plan this year with the super coach is to start racing a little earlier, a smaller base period, or one with races mixed in. So with shitty wet and windy coastal conditions the race went pretty well i guess, kept it upright and didnt get too beat with the pain stick. Gotta love those road races where your following wheels and you cop all the dirty road spray from the rear wheel infront..people should bottle that shit, I know i had plenty! With heaps of attacks happenin none really stuck, until two guys stayed away with about three laps to go. I wasn't to worried, just happy to be back racing and not be running the custard lung which had dogged the previous week. On an exciting note, next week pearl jam tix go on sale (schweet!) and I'm gearing up to camp out 12hrs before hand..current supplies for the trip include, redbull, no doz, ipod and the memories of the 03' Melbourne shows.... lator cw

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