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13 February 2013


I have to say leaving Denver and heading to the middle of the Aussie summer was an exciting prospect to say the least.  I look at my bag beside me now to see the handful of cold weather items that I threw in 'just in case'.  A neck gater, leg warmers, warm gloves.  Chances are these things were going to stay put, but it's funny how you get used to the enviroment around you that it almost seems never ending.  Landing in Melbourne things couldn't have been more the polar opposite.  I left Denver on a 3C day and landed in Melbourne on a 35F day.

As far as travel goes there are always a few hiccups along the way, especially when the distance travelled becomes longer, the more chance that a few challenges present themselves.  Leaving Denver to LA was very smooth, in fact the check in lady was rather helpful in sorting my seats and generally was productive in her duties.  Getting to LA I had 6hrs to kill before flying onto Sydney, and then a short flight to Melbourne.  That's the section that bugs me the most, getting a connecting flight through Sydney.  It's like you've sat on an aeroplane for ~14hrs or so, and then you have to get off, mess around in an airport and then get back on a plane again for a short 1hr hop. Luckily I'm direct on the way home.  So landing in Sydney I had to clear customs and that's where the first hiccup occured.  Firstly time was at a premium, only having 2hrs to collect bags, clear customs, change terminals (via bus), clear secutiry again and then strap in to another seat.  Effciency was needed.  Clearing immigration was a breeze (obivously for a citizen), although I did use the electronic chip in the passport system which I'd never used before so that took a little bit to figure out.  It was the collecting luggage where things went a little pear shaped.  Rockin' my new SciCon hardshell bike case, things weren't a problem there, it was my luggage that was another story.  I'm lucky enough to own some pretty sweet Thule luggage and I guess somewhere along the line someone else thought it was pretty cool too.  The front section of my bag is a detachable piece, say if you needed a backpack whilst you were travelling, otherwise it's well secured and zipped onto the bag.  Watching the bags go around the belt at first I didn't recognize mine, thanks to the fact that the whole front section was missing.  Amazing.  To me it was pretty clear that someone liked the look of it and decieded they'd take it for themselves somehwhere along the lines between Denver and Sydney.  To their credit Qantas have been more than helpful in sorting a replacement (the whole bag is being replaced as the detachable piece isn't available seperatley), but needless to say it's a pain in the bum to deal with.

My more 'aero' bag. 
On the bicycle front it's been super awesome so far.  Blue skies and dodging sunburn you'll have no complaints from this guy.  The last few days I've hit up a few of the local races to open the account for this year.  As expected there is little to no top end but it's been a fun start to get amongst it again.  A man can only train for so long.  Heading back to the local races also has meant catching up with a few of the familar faces which has been neat.  There is still a ton of people I haven't seen yet but hopefully soon.

Just before I left my new whip came in.  Not too many changes this year equipment wise.  Stoked to be still on a Scott Foil with SRAM.  Amazing combination!
 Saw this in Golden before I left.  So where do you....??

 Australia's answer to Chipotle.  Mad Mex.  Finally something that is close!  Fantastic....just wish there was a closer store.

 Hold on here.  So this is what happens when you do extensive drug testing on other mainstream sports and not just cycling?  Weird.
Love this city.
Brad's stand.  Global. #genius
Happy Birthday to the original bushranger.
Festivities were a little too much for Pop. He'll keep.

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