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25 January 2013


It's taken a little while amongst the hustle and bustle of life but I'm finally back in the chair and the fingers are pressing the keys.  Always on my 'to do' list, getting a fresh update over the last month or so has been a little tricky. With the mad end of the year rush that is Christmas/New Years, and mixed in the middle of those two was Kathryn's birthday in which we had a pretty sweet murder mystery party.  I was a bee-keeper.  Add on top of that organizing a Green Card application, travel and racing plans for the upcoming season, starting a new business and of course putting in the kms all of a sudden I hope you can see how writing a post has been shuffled down to the bottom of my list!

Although things have been busy, I classify them as 'good' busy rather than 'stressed out' busy.  There's a big difference in that, I suppose in a similar vein to the whole glass half empty or half full scenario.  So after getting married in August there as been a ton of paperwork filing and changes in terms of my current living status here in the US.  It's been a lengthy process in applying for a Green Card, but as of right now I've already jumped the two biggest hurdles in the fact I'm now legally allowed to work here and also travel outside the county and return without having my current application reset.  For quite sometime I have been sitting on the idea of starting my own coaching business but for visa reasons I haven't been able to do anything about it.  At the core, my passion lies in sports science, improving performance and helping people get the best out of themselves.  After all I do have my Physical Eductaion degree still in the back pocket, and before I rode with V Australia had spent two years working for a Denver based coaching company.  With my work restictions lifted on Christmas Eve (I know, what timing!) I've been able to move forward with my plans, and have started Winning Edge Cycling.  Yes, a play on the name but I couldn't resist!  Eveything is still in baby steps right now, but things have started out positively with clients on the books already.  My goals are to create a small and managable business that maintains quality of service for the client.  I want to keep things simple and start things off on the right foot, rather than getting in way over my head and losing my way which can be an easy thing to do for new small businesses it seems.  So as I said, it's baby steps right now but I am currently working on a website which I hope to launch in the near future.  If anyone reading this is interested they can email me here.  Stay tuned.

Onto the racing front and this year is shaping up to be a very exciting one!  Once again I will be suiting up in the Horizon Organic/Panache colours.  In my last post I put up a picture of our new kit which I think they've done a bang up design job.  For 2013 the team has focused in towards supporting an elite NRC travel squad of Colorado based guys.  This means pretty much the same schedule as 2012 for me which is great, except I will be racing with Horizon at every race and not looking for guest rides like I did for a few events last year.  I have to say a massive shout out of thanks to all of our sponsors who have remained on board.  With plenty of teams folding at the end of last year (80 domestic pros without a job in 2013 I had heard), plus the weight of the past still hanging over our heads (thanks Lance), for our sponsors to keep on supporting cycling is awesome.  I feel very humbled and greateful to be out there doing what I love and always aim to represent products and companies in a positive way.  On podiums that is!  Once again we will be saddling up on the wicked fast Scott Foil, in which my new steed should be arriving within the next week so I am hanging for that one.  To follow up with my on going saga with Southwest, yes they did payout some money, not eveything and the term drawing blood from a stone comes to mind.  Oh and I was told that signing the baggage waiver doesn't mean anything so feel free not to give your autograph next time you check your bike in. 

So my the bulk of the year looks similar to years previous, but I've bookended it a little differently.  Although it's been a relatively mild winter so far here in Colorado, I'll be heading back to Melbourne for the month of February for some warm weather training.  I've gotten pretty used to layering up and numb hands and toes for the last couple of months so it's time for a change and I can't wait.  So for those back home in Oz reading this I'm looking foward to catching up for a ride, coffee or at a race somewhere!  From what I have heard it has been bloody hot the last few weeks but hopefully in February it will have settled down somewhat - although I'm sure there will be a few brain melters in there!  So the front of my season will be Australia, and the back half of my season will be Europe.  I've locked in to race the end of my season with a Belgian based team from the end of July onwards which I am very much looking foward to a different racing environment.  The plan post season will be for Kat to come over and we can enjoy a honeymoon that we still have on raincheck.

So the year overview is layed out, all that's left now is to fill the blanks with the stories, adventures and mayhem that always occurs.  Thanks to those who still read, have just started to read or used to read and realized that their boss is going to kill them and had to get back to work!  Cheers!  cw.

 Winter with my best friend.

 Just a few days ago my new Sidi Wire shoes arrived!  Bling bling!

 Reason #1 for an Australian training camp.

 Somewhere along the line I negelected to mentioned I visted NYC.  Madness.  Sweet museums though.  The dinosaur collection was mega impressive.

 Playing Where's Wally in NYC.  Next time I'm bringing a fluro yellow safety vest.

 Wilson enjoyed Christmas.  Beware you may see this image again on your 2013 Christmas card.

Big bones. 

 Checking out the Garden.  Birthplace of the Madison event, hence the name.
I couldn't resist.  I like clever. 

 Speaking of clever, how about pure Australian genius?!
The best thing to come out of the recent LA saga.  Phone home. 

Reason #2 for heading back to Oz.  Impressive weather systems out here.  Sure the photo is a little filtered but trust me it was dark!
Did I mention the dinosaur bones were cool? 

This is what I do when there is snow on the roads.

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