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19 November 2012


Yikes it's high time for an update!  I've already finished a very relaxing off season and am now three weeks back into training for 2013.  Where to begin? Maybe where we left off would be a good place.

So after Southwest broke my bike I spent the last two weeks of the season rolling around on my TT'er and my mtb.  That was okay as I'm still giddy about my Speed Concept so for those seasoned TT'ers out there I'm sure that sounds horrible but I had a blast.  And yes, I'm calling out Southwest as it's still an on going pissing match (after two months now) and they still haven't come to a solution.  Either way I have strong grounds to take the case to small claims court and will do if it comes to that.  Sometimes big companies make mistakes too, it's just a lot harder for them to swallow thier pride and admit them it seems.  Anyway. 

So rather than shut it down after the Bucks County Classic (I was tempted to!) I wanted to keep the legs going until the end of September.  Call me a perfectionist but rounding off at the end of the month just seemed like the right thing to do, especially when trying to schedule time for a break after that.  Luckily I had a few local time trials left to race and also the Tour of Vail time trial to keep me somewhat motivated.  I had planned to race the Vail Criterium too but those plans got scrapped thanks to sloppy baggage handling.  Those races went okay, I improved my power each week at the Bear Creek TT series but for the Vail TT I was flat as a tack from doing one of those said PB wattages at Bear Creek just the night prior.  Back to back TT's aren't too much fun people, especially at the very end of a long race season.  

The offy started in October and over the whole month I rode maybe three times if that.  In fact I spent more hours hitting balls on the local tennis court with Kathryn than turning the pedals.  Perfect I say!  We also spent a nice weekend down in Pagosa Springs, soaking in the natural hot springs combined with a few hikes and consuming plenty of good foods.  What else I did during that time escapes my mind at the moment, which is probably a good indication of the proper meaningless activites (or lack there of) that should be integral to any good off season.

 I saw my first bald eagle during September.  He was just as stunned as I was.

 Hiking in Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

 In honor of the best bicycle components out there, I painted the shed SRAM Red.

Pagosa Springs is one pretty place in Autumn.

 On the way home from Pagosa we dropped by the Great Sand Dunes.

Kat is small.  Dunes are big. 

Another classic off season activity of mine.  Sinking a cold one and catching up on the V8's.
Giant outdoor chess is a great way to burn mind calories.  Here Kat distracts me from my next move by riding the Knight Horse.  Clever.  My stratgey of  'crowd the King with as many pieces as possible' did prevail however.
I can't remember what is was exactly, but it tasted bloody good!
The drive to Pagosa Springs was picture perfect stuff.
Thanks for checking back in, I plan to resume normal transmission from here on out.  Adios.

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