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11 September 2012


Like a fish that has been hauled to shore my cycling season, although near it's end, still has a few solid kicks of life left.  This Thursday I fly out to Philly to compete in the Bucks County Classic, or otherwise previously known as the Univest GP.  It's a UCI ranked affair so I will be on my best behaviour and I'm really looking foward to heading across as from experience there are some really neat roads out that way.  Although this is a different course, I've done the Univest GP twice before and the first time I'll never forget the TTT in the rain trying to match wheels with the rest of the Rio guys and a few guest riders.  One of those was Sean Sullivan who a few years later would be my team mate and most recently groomsman!  Funny how small the cycling world becomes.  Following this weekend I'll have a couple more of the local Bear Creek TT series to do and then finish the season with the Tour of Vail at the very end of September.  Essentially the 'tour' will be just the one day criterium but either way it will signal the end of season 2012. 


Amongst the madness of August was my TT at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.  Yes, the start ramp was bloody huge!  The whole experience was a hoot.  Well a painful hoot!  Being the final stage and very accessible in down town, the crowds were just huge.  Kat being the superstar wife she is went all out and had orgaized supporting banners and T-shirts for my ride and dragged a whole bunch of people along.  In all honesty I didn't have a stellar ride and was still over 2min back on Phinney over the 12km course.  I had some pretty exciting moments in corners and thankfully didn't make a meal of any although that first one turning onto Speer from Colfax I came pretty close.  Thanks for those who came out and shouted and to my buddy Josh for letting me run his uber fast HED wheels.  I'll keep working at it.
With the days getting shorter summer is starting to wind down and today on my ride I passed a lake in which I know I'll pass again in a few months time and it will be frozen.  Maybe I'll get an early head start on a winter beard.

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