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15 August 2012


Back in February, the 29th or 'leap day' as its known, Kathryn and I became engaged. All of a sudden we are now less than a week to our wedding day and hence the title of this post things are crazy busy! We are both looking forward to the day, but perhaps also to the time when all the planning and preparation will be behind us as at the moment it seems never ending. Balancing all this with the tail end of the racing season there has been little time for a blog updates, but seeing as though right now I am stuck at DIA with my parents flight delayed there is a small window of opportunity to get some words on the page.

Over the last few weekends I've had a blast at the remaining local races. Most guys on the Horizon squad are equally as motivated and we still seem show up with anywhere from five to eight guys much to the dismay of other competitors.  A couple of weeks ago I was able to snare my third win for the season at the Lookout Mountain Hill Climb, an ascent I know well so I was able to use a little local knowledge in the punch to the finish line. It was also super nice to be able to ride over, race and ride home all before 9.30am. The team has stepped up for the last few big criteriums of the season too, with Jorge taking out Bannock St and second at North Boulder Park on the back of Josh winning Racing For Hope the previous day.  As I said we have some end of season motivation going on!

So my next time pinning on a number will be for a race against the clock locally here in Denver where I will line up for a guest spot at the USA Pro Challenge Stage 6 Time Trial .  It was a part of the prize package of winning the Superior Morgul Classic back in May and needless to say I am mega excited to represent my team and sponsors out there on what will be huge day.  Even more cool my family will still be in town after the wedding so it's all worked out great.  The new time trial bike has gotten plenty of rides the last month or so and will continue to do so over the last couple of weeks.  Looking forward to it!


Mark Hatherly said...

USA Pro Challenge:
Exit Hincapie, Enter Winn!

Best wishes on the whole package of events.

Mark Hatherly

Chris Winn said...

I like it Mark! Should be a crazy couple of weeks ahead! Say Hi to Janet and the ducks for me!