Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


15 July 2012


Rather than lament on how long it's been since the last post (!), lets all move forward as things are bout to get exciting on the race front again.  So I'm writing this sitting on a peaceful front porch in a quiet neighbourhood of Bend, Oregon.  For anyone planning to visit the States and have some outdoorsy tendencies I would put Colorado at the top of the list but followed a hair behind by Bend.  This place is awesome! It was two years ago that I was first here and had an awesome time so I can't wait for it all to begin.  The last few days have been pretty solid with travel (12hr drive then 5hr drive) so the brain is a little fuzzy but nothing a couple of good 10+hr sleep nights can fix.  Looking forward to getting the last NRC race for the year underway!

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