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02 February 2012


Deep down I'm a bicycle nerd.  As much as I enjoy the fitness and performance side of cycling, I equally enjoy the technology and the evolution of the equipment.  I'm excited to be using SRAM once again this year and the lads from Chicago have just released their updated generation of the RED group set.  There are a lot of significant changes made, especially towards the improvement of front shifting with the introduction of a brand new derailleur design.  This is pretty cool as I know it has been one area under concern in the past.  Also there is a significant redesign of the brakes and crank set along with some smaller level lever shape and hood advancements.  Thankfully SRAM have still retained the 'double tap' shifting  technology which makes me very happy, but I gotta say the biggest overall improvement has to be shaving an extra 150 grams off what was already the lightest group set on the market.  That is impressive!

Cam-pivot design and new barrel adjuster

Since SRAM acquired Quarq I'd been wondering when this was going to land.

Longer blade, textured hood and more pronounced knob.

Quieter pulleys and a reshaped body.

 This is neat.  So the new FD has an integrated chain watcher that attached to the mounting bolt.  Give the guy who thought of that a beer.

 Stiffer and no trim. Rather than use the tradition parallelogram movement, the whole cage swings as the shift is performed.

Quieter thanks to elastomer rings between each cog. Smart.

Hidden fifth chain ring.  Sneaky.

I'm sure I've missed a million other new upgrades, so I recommend shooting over to here or here for some detailed reading.  There was talk of hydraulic braking to be released at a later date too, so prepare for that mind blowing experience doing away with wire brake cables.  Either way it looks damn impressive and I'm itching to see it in the flesh or even ride it!

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