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22 February 2012


It's about that time of the year where my mind is starting to go a little stir crazy and I need to satisfy my craving sooner rather than later.  I've trained consistently since mid November. I've tested. I've spent a lot of long lonely hours eating up lines on the road and I'm now just dying to start racing.  The week spent down in Texas was a nice teaser but being back in Colorado since then all I have thought about is when can that fun happen again.  I can only see this enthusiasm to suffer (not alone but with others towards a finish line) a good thing, but I will have to wait a handful more weeks yet.

From the start of March I will be down in California, kicking off the year with the San Dimas Stage Race and then a week later onto the first NRC of the year being the Redlands Classic.  Plans are in place and they can't come quick enough, especially with another bout of icy cold weather due here.  In the meantime things are starting to get organized, with a few sponsor care packages arriving and some still in transit.

Some new kicks arrived thanks to Sidi USA.  These shoes are super sweet, although with such bright whiteness I'm scared to hit that first unexpected rain puddle!  Luckily they provided some cool booties too.

It was a phone call from Kat while in Texas that prompted the idea of converting one of our basement rooms into an exercise cave.  One weekend later, with new flooring, fresh paint on the wall and a host of other changes it's 95% done.  Pretty sweet and with snow on the way tonight I'll get my maiden use tomorrow I think.

Finally I've started Merv.  For those international readers, quite simply Mervin Hughes is a cricketing legend.  A real character of the game and this should prove an entertaining read.  Already the photos are classic!

Can get a crowd to do some stretching mid match...

...and has very practical solutions to overheating on the field.

Henry the recovery coach has been enforcing his strict regimes of post ride ice baths and pasta.  If I even think about getting out early he's onto me...look at that stare!

On a final note, for anyone out there who is interested in some ex V Australia clothing for sale (new and used) shoot me an email in the contact section.  I have a good range of gear that needs to find new wardrobes.

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