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14 March 2011

Coming Into Focus Again.

I won't lie, the last few days since landing back in Denver have been a little fuzzy!  The trip to the States always leaves me a little rougher than the return back to Oz, and my old unwanted buddy Jerry Jet-lag has been hanging out with me far too much since landing!  Once again I had a great flight on V Australia.  After many years of flying different airlines around the world these guys are without a doubt the best I have ever experienced.  Leg room is great, food is super and the in flight entertainment system is amazing!  I probably ended up being that annoying guy on the flight for awhile after listening to a 2hr Hamish and Andy CD and cracking up laughing, alongside watching the Social Network and about a quarter of 127 Hours.  I say a quarter cause as soon as the boulder pinned the guys arm down in the canyon I was done!  Yep, I thought I could man it out but that was enough for me, let alone what he does next to get himself outta there!

Boy is it great to be back home though.  Just super great to see my girl again, the house we live in and of course our two little furry four legged meowing machines.  I was a little unsure how good a cats memory is after being three months back away, but sure enough they remembered.  The weather has been just great since getting back too.  The day I landed we had some light snow about, but it always clears quickly and the last few days have been blue skies and sunshine all the way.  A few short rides to clear the legs but so far I haven't turned the pedals with too much intent yet.  This is always a tricky time for me, having so much enthusiasm to smash it in the mountains before the body is ready, still adjusting to the time change and the often overlooked change in altitude.  But, we are just on three weeks out from my first race so a perfect time to be here and then go back to see level for the Redlands Classic.  Speaking of schedule, I've updated mine for the year in the link above, and I am super stoked on the races I am headed to this year.  Indeed some fantastic opportunities for the team to gain some attention on some big stages.

 Henry as curious as ever.

This was a Christmas present from Kat that I got to use just once before leaving.  Needless to say I am making up for lost time now.

The one I missed the most.


Allen Krughoff said...

Awww:) Good to have you back in the states Chris!

Chris Winn said...

Thanks Krugh...are you going to hit up any road stuff this year?

Kat said...

You missed canned peaches the most? How rude!

Gunsle said...

that's what I was thinking Kat!