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09 February 2011

Preparing To Launch.

 I'll admit it.  I highly enjoy training.  I'm completely fascinated by the whole concept of "being the best you can be" and taking yourself as a human being and seeing just how much you can transform it through hard work and commitment.  Sounds nerdy I know but it's perhaps that is the main underlying concept in why I got involved in sport and still as obsessed with it as ever.

Every part of the year has a purpose and direction, and right now after just given an outline of my season, we aren't too far away from putting all the training miles into action with some racing.  At this stage my first races will be San Dimas and Redlands, the two main traditional openers for the US season held at the end of March.  Both are new races for me but am looking forward to hopefully some California sun and some fast paced action.  Both are also big races for Fly V, winning them each in 2010 so we're going in with targets already on our back and as a new rider to the squad I am motivated to start the year on a good note.

So I have just finished a good block of training and into a well earned recovery week at the moment.  I think a lot of cyclists really overlook the fact that you don't get faster in training, but you get faster in letting the body rest and adapt to the stress you have given it.  The importance of good recovery is huge, and there are a lot of people who just subscribe to the 'more is better' style of training, and perhaps ultimately neglecting the specifics of their event in favor making themselves over trained, or just training themselves to be slow!  And perhaps I've fallen the same way at times in the past, but at the moment I'm trying to get the most out of every training session, be it work or rest.  And speaking of recovery, if you have some spare reading time here is an interesting article on compression tights.  Although they look super nerdy, I've been a subscriber for quite sometime, finding the 2XU products amongst the best.  They may or may not have even been worn at formal events under suits or smart attire!

On a final note, currently awaiting delivery of my team bike next week, so looking forward it's arrival and check back for pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, looks like you're getting into great form for this season. The weather in Colorado has been awful, so you definitely made the right choice of training location. I had a question for you, as I am a bit confused about the whole Fly V and Pegasus thing. I was under the impression that the Fly V team had morphed in to Pegasus, which is obviously no more and I just saw that Ben Day signed with Kenda, so there is another Australian pro team still called Fly V that you are riding for this season? Thanks, and best of luck.

Chris Winn said...


Firstly thanks for leaving a comment!

In answer to your question Fly V never morphed into Pegasus, they were always going to be two separately run programs in 2011.

Plan to be back in CO soon so hopefully the weather picks up!