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08 October 2010

Running A Muck In The Black Hills

Was hoping to get this post out a bit sooner but ah well, that's just how it rolls sometimes.  So the Black Hills camping getaway was some fun times.  Certainly a nice part of the world out there, and overall it was just cool to get away without computers, mobiles and all other major sources of headaches that make up modern society these days.  Some of the highlights included the following encounters:

Buffalo.  The deal right there folks.

Close up these guys are a sight.  Built like a brick....well, you get the idea.

 Giant pumpkins.  That's a lot of soup right there.

Sausage dog races.  Forget the greyhounds Daryl Kerrigan, these little feisty buggers can go like the....okay, they weren't that speedy, but it was bloody funny to watch them waddle along nonetheless!

Big heads carved into rock was impressive.  Sure you see it in magazines and such but being there it truly was an amazing feat.  Not bad for 14 years of chisel work.

Mountain bicycling.
Kat being a mountain bicyclist while I try my best Graham Watson impression.

No doubt Autumn has hit South Dakota

Back in town now and already this week we've had the ball rolling in people riding indoors at the studio.  Might be bout time I start thinking about getting fit again too!

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