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30 September 2010

The Great Mysteries Of Cycling

Well officially NOW the 2010 season is in the books. Last TT tonight and finally took out the 'w' after the past three weeks of second. Sure nothing to shout about, a local TT series whatever, but I had to laugh as I set my best 17min power all year. Not by much, but the remarkable thing is I have been riding on average 5hrs a week for the past month and 90% of that was on the dirt, the other 10% being riding to work and home. So a nice way to end the season for sure and perhaps maybe a gilmmer of hope that my TTing is just slightly improving.

So Kat and I are off on a camping adventure as of tomorrow which now that my bag is packed I'm quite looking forward to! Last year we hit up the mecca that is Moab, and this year we thought we'd head out somewhere completely new, being the Black Hills of South Dakota.

 Yes the fat tire bikes are coming and I'm quite looking forward to having a waddle around on this 'Buzzards Roost' trail....looks to be some pretty nice single-t going on...

So hopefully have some good photos and stories of my own when we return, but as for now it's adios to the internet world for a few days and out in the wilderness.  Always nice to get out of dodge and just escape for a weekend, especially this time of year when the weather has been, well, quite frankly kick arse.   Just happens to be the weekend for Worlds too......haha ah well, can't win em all.  My tip,, Gerro or Gossy.....gotta go for the home team on home soil too!  Cheers everyone, have a good

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