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15 August 2010

Orange Untied Around The World

 Rowney and the famed sizzle plate that got us through the 24hr races.

Been a cracking week so far with much going on.  Firstly it was awesome to have Rowney, Pezza and Maria in town for a couple of days staying at Hotel de la Winston.  We had a pretty rad BBQ one night and with Treva Lowe in town too it was an old school Yeti reunion with plenty of laughs to be had.  Good times, good times.  Strangely enough though our ginger cat Henry got on very well with one Perry Perry which beats the hell outta me why they had such a bond!?!!

Flew outta Denver this afternoon to Salt Lake in preparation for the Tour of Utah starting Tuesday.  After being on the same flight with Levi I can confirm he's looking fit as a trout (as my uncle would say) and will be one to watch for next weeks race.  I gotta say even though it's almost at the end of the season I am well excited for this one.  Perhaps the biggest race the Rio will do all year, we are here in full force with a strong squad and hungry to do well.  Well that's really about it for

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Anonymous said...

Good luck for the Tour of Utah
and dont forget to vote this week end